Fall Masterworks Concert:  Celebrating Female Composers, Past and Present

Saturday, October 12, 2019
St. Paul's-on-the-Plains Episcopal Church | 7:30PM

Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision Statement

The Lubbock Chorale will be a positive force in the advocacy and evolution of the choral art through cultivating educational opportunities, nurturing intergenerational experiences, and creating musical excellence on the Texas High Plains.

Mission Statement:

The Lubbock Chorale prepares and performs choral music to the highest artistic standards for the West Texas community.


  • To create the finest possible artistic product.
  • To cultivate a sense of community and camaraderie among people of all ages, both students and community members, who appreciate the choral art.
  • To support the academic and artistic growth and development of students in the Texas Tech University School of Music.
  • To perform art music of various styles and genres in a variety of performance venues.
  • To strive for excellence and to share the aesthetic beauty of choral music through performances that meet the highest artistic standards.